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What we do here

We're giving entrepreneurs the ability to do survey market research without the high costs and technical knowledge needed. Just enter the information you want to know and we take care of the rest. 

Who is this for?

Our focus is on entrepreneurs but anyone can use this service if they have burning questions they want to ask people. Students, psychologists, or just those who are curious to know more about people. You don't need to know anything about survey research; we take care of all the technical aspects.

What is survey research?

Survey research is asking a small sample of people questions about their habits, thoughts, and feelings to find out about a larger population. We use probability and statistics to ensure their answers are as representative and unbiased as reasonably possible. You've probably seen something like "60% of Americans are worried about AI"; that's survey research.

How does it work?

US sample: You just select the number of questions and enter the data points you want. We then put them in survey research speak, field them a representative sample of the U.S., and send back the results in 5-10 business days.

Specific consumer group: You just enter the group of desired consumers, select the number of questions, and enter the data points you want. We'll reach out with a price estimate within 48 hours.

What makes a sample representative?

We match the U.S. census percentages for gender, age, income, and race/ethnicity to ensure the sample is representative of the whole country. We also choose respondents at random to reduce any chance of bias in answers.

Will you review my questions before launching the survey?

Absolutely. All questions go through a (human) market researcher review where we make adjustments to your questions to fit best market research practices. If we feel a question doesn't work for survey research (like what is the capital of Austria?), we'll notify you to replace it. 

What kind of questions can I ask?

Anything you want but there are a couple rules. First, it has to be something people can answer, so you shouldn't ask exactly how many slices of pizza they've eaten in their entire life. Second, it can't be open ended, so if you want to ask their favorite movie, you need to include a list. We've include two pre-formatted questions to make it easier.

How accurate are the answers?

The results have what's called a 90% confidence level and 6% margin of error. This means if you get results that say 50% of people prefer to spend their weekends at home (just as an example), then 90% of the time the answer will fall between 44% (50% - 6%) and 56% (50% + 6%).

What about fraudulent answers or bots?

We have a list of ways of detecting any kind of fraudulent respondents so that we can clean them out and ensure each answer is accurate and representative.

Who are the people answering these questions?

They come from panels which are groups of millions of people from all over the country. We partner with these panel companies to ensure our sample is a true representation of the U.S. population.  

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